What is it?

Music Memory Box is a kit that you fill with objects, photographs and music. The technology within the box enables you to play songs through objects. Music Memory Box harnesses the evocative power of music to create a tool for people living with dementia to reminisce, re-awaken and reconnect with loved ones. Think object jukebox and Desert Island Discs combined…

Our Story

While visiting her great gran who was living with dementia, Chloe Meineck witnessed the transformative effects of music. Her great gran would struggle to recognise faces but was able to play songs from her youth on the piano. Finding that there was a lack of specialised and personal dementia music products, Chloe decided to create her own – and Music Memory Box was born.

Following national and international interest in Music Memory Box, Chloe set up Studio Meineck, a Bristol-based design studio which specialises in designing with people, rather than for people. Music Memory Box is their first product.


“Award winning Music Memory Box reawakens lost memories in people living with dementia” carehome.co.uk

“Music Memory Box is an innovative and practical application of recent research” wired.co.uk

“You can relate a song or tune to a particular time, and the memories can help you and uplift you” User testing session at St. Anne’s Social Club, Bristol

Music Memory Box has had national and international media coverage, including: New York Times, carehome.co.uk, WIRED and The Guardian.

Music Memory Box was a finalist in the most Innovative Product Category in the National Dementia Awards 2015.


How does it work?

Music Memory Box is an easy to use customisable kit. Here is our simple guide to setting it up:

  1.  Find an important or special object (an object can be anything from old trinkets to handmade pieces that are symbolic of different memories)
  2.  Attach an electronic sticker to it
  3. Choose a piece of music that relates to the object
  4.  Add your music files to the box, using a USB stick and our easy to follow instructions
  5. Move the special object to the centre of the box – it is now musical
  6. Once set up, people living with dementia can use the personalised Music Memory Box with the family or individually

How easy is it to set up the box and add music?

The process is fairly simple. Choose your objects and stick an RFID sticker to each one. Once you have chosen your music, load the files onto a usb stick and insert this into the usb port in the Box. Music Memory Box will come with a step-by-step guide, and there will also be tutorial videos online.

How many objects can I use?

We will supply each box with 8 RFID stickers, but you can purchase more stickers if you would like to add more songs and objects. We will also supply a special swipe card that will allow you to detach a piece of music from an object so that you can add a new one.

How can I get hold of one?

Soon we will be launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. If successful, we will have the means to grow our team, manufacture our first batch of Music Memory Boxes and run a series of workshops. As part of our crowdfunding campaign we will be offering a number of rewards in return for donations. These will range from the chance to come to user testing sessions and workshops to the opportunity to put your name down for one of the first ever Music Memory Boxes.

We’re also looking for enthusiastic Bristol-based families with loved ones living with dementia to help us test and develop Music Memory Box.

If you have any more questions about Music Memory Box, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. To be kept informed about the campaign and other opportunities to try the product, sign up to our newsletter.